Ami James

Ami James was born 1972. He began his career as a tattoo artist in 1992 when he got an apprenticeship at Tattoos by Lou.

Today Ami James owns several tattoo parlors around the world including Love Hate Tattoos, home of the famous TLC show, Miami Ink. In 2011 Ami James moved to New York and opened Wooster Street Social Club, the subject of a new TLC show, NY Ink. More than that Ami James has opened Love Hate Social Club in London, Cork (Ireland) and Asheville.

In 2013 he co-founded Tattoodo (, a tattoo website that offers exclusive tattoo art, inspiration, custom designs and much more.

Bernadette Macias

Bernadette Macias is one of the most recognisable faces in tattooing.

Bernadette is a regular fixture at tattooing events, including conventions, with her Youtube Channel Sullen TV. She is also the face of the brands clothing line, Sullen Clothing.

Bernadette's experience across a wide range of tattoo environments led her to being a globally recognised tattoo judge.

Steve Butcher

Known for his surreal hyper-realistic tattoo’s, Steve has developed and honed his skills over the years by starting off as a self taught artist at a young age.

After graduating with a Fine Arts degree from Whitecliffe’s College of Art & Design, Steve found his love for tattooing.

Seven years on and counting, Steve continues to push his artistry past the boundaries of mere mortals and now working alongside the best artists and mentors in the industry.

Based in New Zealand, Steve’s wanderlust takes him all over the world as he continuously looks to push his boundaries as an artist to the next level.