Celebrity Ink Young Gunz™

Celebrity Ink Young Gunz™
Australia’s Most Creative TV Series

The 2019 Celebrity Ink Young Gunz™, one of the best upcoming Australian television series, will soon appear on network TV.

  • Celebrity Ink Young Gunz™ is Australia’s most creative tv series, featuring 10-12 episodes per series.
  • Celebrity Ink Young Gunz™ is currently in Pre-Production, with filming to commence in November 2018.
  • Celebrity Ink Young Gunz™ is leveraging production teams and production facilities used by MKR, Top Gear, and House Rules.
  • Celebrity Ink Young Gunz™, best Australian series is hosted by Ami James and Bernadette Macias. Both personalities are world-renowned within the tattoo and entertainment industries.
  • Celebrity Ink Young Gunz™ will soon appear on network TV.
  • Social Media will be an integral component of the latest Australian tv series Celebrity Ink Young Gunz™ television Series.

The Contestants

Every Celebrity Ink Young Gunz™ contestant must be willing to endure sudden and unexpected challenges. Their goal in this new Australian series is to prove why they should be selected for an indentured apprenticeship with the worlds most renowned tattoo business – Celebrity Ink™.

The Hosts

Ami James is one of the most recognisable faces in the tattoo industry. Ami built the Miami Ink TV series in America and has an extremely powerful online presence.

Bernadette Macias is a versatile personality who is the face of Sullen TV and was also a judge on Tattoo Titans.

Steve Butcher is a recognised Tattoo legend and is consistently referred to as one of the world’s best tattoo artists.

$250,000 Cash & Prizes

Sit back and enjoy the journey, as we search Australia for the most talented, entertaining, and engaging tattoo apprentices through the best Australian tv series - Celebrity Ink Young Gunz™. Each apprentice will battle it out, head-to-head until one lucky winner walks away with over $250k in cash and prizes!

If you're an aspiring tattoo artist and interested in competing in one of the best Australian tv shows Celebrity Ink Young Gunz™ Television Series, click below to submit your application.

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Celebrity Ink Young Gunz™

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